I am christening my new blog this morning with a quick prep list.

Never underestimate the appearance when an agent is showing your home. I can think of time I walked into a house and saw animal hair in the corners and breakfast dishes in the sink.

This makes the potential buyers wonder what kind of mess lies beneath…. were the gutters cleaned, did they keep the furnace/ air conditioner up to par… don’t let this appearance take $$ off of your sale price – prepare for showings and you will be in a good position to ask top dollar for your property!

Here are 10 quick ideas you can use to make your property ready for that next showing…

Showing Preparation List:

  1. Arrange furniture in an inviting way
  2. Remove all clutter – potential buyers can’t picture themselves living here if they are stepping over your laundry
  3. Vacuum and sweep floors
  4. Wipe up counter, faucets, and tubs
  5. Touch up baseboards and moldings where there is chipped paint
  6. Remove unnecessary items from kitchen counters
  7. Glance over exterior, pick up any toys or tools lying around
  8. Keep lawn and gardens well maintained
  9. De-clutter garage, sweep steps
  10. Make your front door inviting by keeping it clean and painted  and adding a small wreath or welcome sign

I hope this helps out on your next showing!

Thanks for stopping by –

Tori Denton, Realtor®

You never get a second chance to make that first impression – so make the first one count!

Even a little mess can make all the difference in a first impression

Who wouldn’t want to call this kitchen their own??


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