5 Deal-Killing Winter Staging Mistakes

‘Tis the season…to stage with smarts.  Here are five all-too-common winter staging decisions that can crush a winter sale and a few suggestions for cutting them off at the pass:

1. Over-Holidaying

Yes, we’ve reached one of the jolliest seasons of them all and that comes with the urge to get in the spirit. For sellers there is a dangerous line between spirited and off-putting holiday decor. Remember that you can never know the preferences of prospective buyers. So, decorate in a way that won’t deter anyone and make sure the tinsel doesn’t outshine the home.

A bit over done…

Tastefully decorated and not over-crowded.

Potential buyers can envision their tree here with ease.

2. De-Heating

Remember a showing is about both look and feel. If your are in the habit of having the heat off when you’re not home, make sure to heat it up before home tours. Potential buyers won’t hang around an unheated home long and this little distraction could cause them to miss your home’s best features.

3. Pet Pandering

It’s cold outside and that means cats, pups, and other family friends are more likely to be inside with their toys.  Plan early on for what happens to pets during a showing and make a special checklist to make sure the toys, hair, and other accessories are stored in a way that doesn’t ruin the showing.

4. The Missing Doormat

It seems simple, but this can be big. The doormat is essential for the winter season. You don’t want to return home to wet muddy footprints in every room or end up with stains on those nice hardwood floors.

5. Under-Repairing

Winter repairs take more effort than in any other season in most areas. Make sure the cold or changing weather doesn’t deter your potential buyers from securing a sale. Just as only serious sellers list during the winter, only serious buyers are on the market. Those buyers are patient and your staging has to be enough to move them off of a very cold fence.

These are five serious winter staging mistakes courtesy of the trulia research team. Get your home in top shape during the winter season.

Homes sell all year, make yours stand out with strong staging and a balanced, warm glow.

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