Attention Westfield Residents – Single-Stream Recycling is HERE!

Are you a resident of Westfield? Then this post is for you!

In an attempt to reduce trash costs and increase recycling for our City, single-stream recycling will begin this Monday –

January 5th, 2015.

It’s time to start putting your TRASH in the burgundy cart and your RECYCLING in the grey cart.

Earlier this month you should have received a packet containing instructions and a large sticker.

REMEMBER: to put this sticker on the cover of your GREY cart. This sticker contains a handy reminder of what CAN and CANNOT be recycled in this bin.

Place this on top of your GREY recycling cart
Place this on top of your GREY recycling cart

You can mix all your recycling in this one cart. BUT, how much will actually fit in the 96-gallon cart when it’s all mixed together and piled in there?? Well, for a family of 4 my family uses 4 bins on any given pick-up week – sometimes more! I’m not sure exactly how much of this will fit in and still close the cover… so here’s our plan:

Helpful tips and advice on a yellow office noteTori’s Tip: If you have a lot of recycling -like our family-  you may want to continue to “store” the paper/cardboard recycling in the old blue bins until your scheduled pick-up day. That way if you have limited space for one week all your messy recycling will be in the cart, simply place as much paper/cardboard in the grey cart as will fit for that week. It’s a lot cleaner to store the extra paper recycling until the next pick-up then your milk jugs, cans, and bottles.

Together we can reduce trash costs for our City by recycling more items. This system should make recycling more efficient and convenient for everyone. You will make less trips to the street and there should be no empty blue bins being blown into the streets of our windy city!

Still looking to reduce your recycling? Try this:

Tori’s Tip: Do you burn a wood stove in the winter? Store up all those TP and PT inserts and fill them with crushed newspaper – instant kindling! We’ve been doing this for years and it works great. We keep a bin of that in the garage too!

Remember: January 5th is the start date!

  • So this week start putting your trash in the BURGUNDY cart!
  • Put that big sticker on your GREY cart
  • And start recycling into your GREY cart!
  • NOTE: Pull both to the street on your usual pick-up day and set them

at least 3 FEET APART

so that the trucks can pick them up easily without hitting the other carts.


For questions call the city at : 413-572-6226 or go to : City of Westfield

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