Don’t turn a FSBO into a FPBB!

Don’t turn a FSBO into a FPBB… what’s an FPBB???
Failed Purchase By Buyer…
Did you know that as a potential Home buyer you can enlist the aid of a Licensed REALTOR for the purchase of a home being privately sold by its owner (commonly referred to as FSBO)?
So you’re out driving and see a home for sale by owner…. you really like the looks of it from the curb, but you’re worried about how the whole process works… what do you do next??
A. You scratch it off the list – TOO risky!
B. You call the phone number and take a chance – nothing ventured, nothing gained.. or
C. Contact ME!
Answer C! As a licensed REALTOR in MA & CT, I can bridge the relationship between you and that homeowner, assuring that your RIGHTS are protected, working with your Attorneys, Inspectors, Banks, Appraisers & generally overseeing the transaction right up to CLOSING DAY! 
This is more than likely the largest financial transaction you will ever make… why trust it to luck?
Up to 90% of FSBOs fail to close … in this HOT real estate market where your DREAM HOME may be under contract before you can say OPEN HOUSE— why not broaden your CHOICES & increase your SUCCESS by enlisting a PROFESSIONAL to guide you along this path to home ownership!
I’d be happy to sit down with you and discuss ALL your options as a potential home buyer –13327628_1556827384618954_3969584121513434900_n

For more information contact me today!
Tori Denton, PSA
Licensed Realtor® MA & CT
413-301-4614 or

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